Week 2

April 12,2016




Society defines the expectations of what it takes to be a ‘good mom’ and those ever-evolving standards put added pressure on the Millennial Mom – who continuously feels judged by older generations, their peers and even their loved ones. This tradition of ‘toe’ing the line’ or following the rules of motherhood runs counter to this generation’s self-branding DNA and their desire to make their own rules and standards.

Brands looking to connect with Millennial Moms can do so by recognizing their conundrum and reinforce that it’s not only okay to ‘do it their way’ but it’s something they should never waver from. That’s creating real empathy and that’s the secret to building strong relationships with your audience.


The access to anything and everything in an instant is a double-edged sword for Millennial Moms. On one hand, it gives them more control and information which enables self-reliance in raising their kids. On the other, it’s Pandora’s box to an over-sharing, “look at me” society that can make some feel inadequate, or even to a world of inappropriate content or persons, stirring fear and over-protection tendencies.

Make no mistake about it. Raising children today is far more complicated than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Brands that provide a counter-perspective to the ‘perfect family’ syndrome that pervades Facebook today, and chooses to celebrate the simplicity and acceptability of imperfection will endear themselves with this generation of Moms.