Week 3

April 20,2016

Inspiration fuels the Millennial Mom’s ambition – Millennials are every bit as ambitious as prior generations, it’s what fuels that ambition that is uniquely theirs. Brittany’s group discussed how they used social media to find inspiration from one another, using new achievements – be it a new job, a new class, or some exciting life occurrence – to motivate themselves and “keep up”.  There was a pervasive sentiment across both groups that ‘anything’s possible’.  With a persistent belief that nothing will stand in their way, young people are inventing new paths and opportunities for themselves that are changing the world.  Unlike past generations where greatness was defined by a few set paths, greatness for today’s Millennial is more than ever uniquely tailored towards the individual who sets the path.

Not surprisingly, further conversation shared that this desire to “keep up” is not only positive, but can be extremely exhausting. One of the women from the groups, Melissa, spoke three languages and is has a high-ranking bank career, among other qualifications. What does it look like to “keep up” with someone so impressive? Another common point addressed was the ‘crap’ that Facebook exposes these Millennials to: people who are boasting or who ‘over share stuff’.  It’s hard to tell who is truly impressive or who just wants to look like they are keeping up better than their friends.