Week 4

May 10,2016

Creation of empathy is all about seeing the world through the eyes and ears of your audience. During our shop-a-longs we learned that there’s a deep knowledge base on the types of foods and ingredients that qualify some brands and de-qualify others. There’s a method to their madness and the filter they use for what qualifies as worthy food brands for their kids is tied primarily to two factors: Does it model good food choices?, i.e. will this be something I want my child to choose instinctively for themselves when they get a bit older? and, How does this impact their physical being? I.e. Is this food positively contributing to their physical growth? Height/weight percentiles being something that they are very attuned to.  Yes, previous generations of Moms were concerned about healthy, balanced diets. However, there are far more variables and far more brands and products today that Millennial Moms have to read up on, discuss and debate amongst their social circles and consider the physical impact on their child. With so much in the way of child obesity and products that are now deemed detrimental to the formative years of children, there’s far more homework from more sources for these Moms today. To shop well as a mom today, it’s not about being pragmatic, its the equivalent of earning a degree in nutrition.