Week 6

July 15,2016

In the final week of the Millennial Mom Project we step back to see everything that was gleaned from this immersive, qualitative study. Though there is still much to learn from this generation and how Millennials will handle the growing pains of raising this next generation, we have been able to identify actionable insights that allow brands to create empathy with today’s mom. There been’s a great deal of intel and analysis performed on the Millennial generation over the past 5 years, so our charge was to find empathic pathways specific to Millennial Moms where brands can create natural affinity from this audience.  We hope you have been able to learn something through this process and that you modify some of your marketing strategies based on the learnings from this study and the downloadable white paper. We thank you for tuning in and following our journey with these four exceptional moms.

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